Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Only 8 More Weeks to Go...

Again, I have been neglecting our blog. We had a wonderful vacation last month and I tried to do a post with lots of pictures, but I could not figure out how to load the pictures so I got frustrated and gave up. Someday soon Andrew will help me figure out how this picture-loading thing works and I will finally post some vacation pictures!
I have reached the point in the pregnancy where it feels like it will never end. I am starting to get more uncomfortable with swollen feet and ankles and I find it increasingly difficult to get off the couch. I have started to kind of roll myself up and off the couch. I feel kind of embarassed whenever I do that, even if it's just Andrew here with me. I am still subbing for the school district, but it's only been half a day in the afternoon, which is wonderful because I can rest or get things done around here in the morning. It's been such a blessing that it's worked out this way.
On the bright side, I am making a quilt for our baby! It's almost done--all I have left is the quilting and the binding which, unfortunately, are the hardest and most time-consuming parts. I really want it to look perfect but, as you all know, when you make something yourself it will inherently have flaws. I am not dealing with this well. Usually I am not a prefectionist at all, but I have been having a hard time with this quilt because I must...have...it...absolutely...PERFECT! I will post pictures of it as soon as it's done. I really am pleased with it so far. My mom has been guiding me along, although I've done all the work myself. I plan on making a quilt for each of our kids. We'll see how long that lasts!
I am going for another ultrasound this afternoon after work (the baby is measuring a little small) so I'm pretty excited! I am also going to make the tech double-check that the baby is, in fact, a girl. I will give an update as to how the baby is doing 9and how I'm doing) after the ultrasound this evening.