Monday, January 25, 2010

The Microwave Blues

Have I mentioned lately that I hate my microwave?

Well, I hate it. It just so happens that our particular microwave is as finicky as they come. It's not uncommon to put a slice of pizza, plate of nachos, or bowl of frozen broccoli in our microwave, turn it on, and come back a few minutes later to a cold plate of food. Grrr.

Just now, I put a potato in the microwave for lunch. When I started the microwave, it ran for a few seconds, then stopped and gave me a message: "F7." What does that mean?! Why does this keep happening to me? After several minutes of furiously slamming the microwave door shut and pushing lots and lots of buttons, I decided to go for something else to eat.

Hmm, what looks good? Oh, look! Yummy leftover ham and potato casserole. Let me just go and pop this in the microwave...oh.

I hate my microwave.