Friday, July 8, 2011

"New" Kitchen

So...remember all my posts about renovating our kitchen last year?

Yeah. Well, we did finish the kitchen last spring. But I have terrible self discipline and I can't manage to keep the kitchen counters clean for five minutes, much less remember to take pictures of the kitchen while it's clean.

Then, one day, I flipped the TV on and Hoarders was on. Oh, my. I was sucked in. I could not look away, no matter how much I wanted to! (And believe me, I wanted to. It was horrifying.) Then, after the episode was over, I started to panic and feel disgusted with myself and all the dirty dishes and dried food stuck to the floor and all the clutter on the counters. So I cleaned like a madwoman. I think I really went a little crazy that day. But my family didn't mind because I was cleaning something, for goodness' sake! Then I took pictures for the blog after my hard work was done.

This faucet was Andrew's choice. I tend to get overwhelmed when faced with life-changing decisions such as faucet selection and tell him to pick whatever he wants. I think it's kind of big for the space, but I like the style of it.

Do I even need to mention that right this second, the counter looks nothing like this? I didn't think so. It was amazing while it lasted.

Here is our beloved built-in buffet, a.k.a. "Our kitchen isn't big enough for all our stuff, so we're trying to hide it by building this clever buffet." Clever, huh? Much better than the industrial stainless shelving that used to be there! Those shelves are now in my food storage room. (Shh, don't tell Andrew I called it that! He thinks it's the guest bedroom.)

Our latest, beloved addition. Andrew built this table with his own two hands. The tabletop is completely new, and we used the legs from our old table. The chairs we got from our neighbor's driveway. Ten of them! Can you believe it? They are beastly and enormous and very heavy and actually pretty ugly. But they were FREE! And we're going to reupholster them. Eventually.

So there you have it, dear friends. Our new kitchen!