Monday, April 26, 2010

Kitchen Update

I think it's time to post some kitchen pictures to frighten all of you.

This is where our kitchen sink and our dishwasher used to be.

This was the dining room, now turned into a multipurpose area for storage of tools and...the fridge.

And this...this is some new tile being laid! Exciting things are happening here. By the way, our kitchen looks much different now, but I don't want to post any pictures until it's all done. I want you to get the full effect.

By the way, these pictures were all taken on my iPhone. That's right! I am in love with this phone. I have never had a cool phone in my life, and now's my time. It's wonderful. I have my life on this phone. I'm not kidding.

Growing Up

The other day, I was cleaning Holly's room and she was in there with me. I looked up from my intense concentration and saw this:

My smart little girl! She found one of her headbands and knew just what to do with it. Here's an awesome side shot:

It's amazing to me how much she has grown and developed in the past 10+ months. When she was born, she was just a darling little bug who slept and ate a lot. Now she's walking, saying "mama," waving bye-bye, putting headbands on, and carrying my purse around. What happened?

It's so amazing to watch your children grow up. I love this little girl more and more every day. She takes in and learns so many new things and it is so fun to be a part of it with her!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Have You Ever...

...done dishes in your bathroom?

Well, I have. And it is no fun. I hate doing dishes in the first place; sometimes I think I'd rather lose my right hand than do dishes. But doing them in the bathroom is...a special kind of disgusting. Ugh. I have to give myself a pep talk to walk in there.

WHY am I doing dishes in our bathroom? This is why:

We are renovating our kitchen, that's why! These are some beautiful "before" pictures that highlight our kitchen's undeniable beauty: peach counter tops; disgusting old oak cabinets; nasty soffets overhead. I know, I know--our kitchen is too beautiful to replace. But it has been driving us crazy since day one and we decided we just had to do something about it. So we are!

Don't get me wrong--I will wash dishes in the bathroom for a month or more if I have to in order to get a nice, new kitchen (and I will probably have to). As of right now, we have a refrigerator and our range in the dining room area. Everything else is either in the bathroom or the office (now pantry).

I could sugar-coat this, but why? This is really how we are living. Goodbye, lovely office/craft room! Hello, messy pantry. I have to climb over all this stuff if I ever need anything out of here. Just a few hours ago I needed to toast a piece of bread; so I dug out the toaster under this mound of junk and plugged it in by the computer. And if I forget to close the door when I'm done, Holly very stealthily goes in to see what damage she can do in there.

So our living space is a little confined for now. But in just a few short weeks, we will have a brand spankin' new kitchen to show for it! Not bad, eh?