Thursday, May 14, 2009

Blog Facelift

I decided it was time for our blog to get a new look. There aren't too many looks to choose from and as you all know I am not tech savvy, so here is one thing at least that I can do by myself! I think the flamingos are cute and the pink is appropriate considering that our sweet baby girl is going to join us in just about a month! I'll be 36 weeks this weekend.
Speaking of having a baby, I have been a little crazy with the mood swings lately, thanks to pregnancy hormones. Thus far, I think I have been the most "normal" acting pregnant woman ever! I never cried, was always pleasant, and hardly felt sick at all. As Andrew would say, "Wow, you're much more fun pregnant than you were before!" Lately, however, I have been suffering from moodiness and weepiness that seems to have no rhyme or reason (sorry, Andrew, the honeymoon's over). I go back and forth from being super excited to meet our new baby and being absolutely terrified about being a mom and having to endure...LABOR! Mostly I am sick of feeling so crazy and emotional and can't wait until this roller coaster is over (or is it just beginning? Hmm...).
At work, I have a long-term substitute position for a choir director (half-days), which I really enjoy. Our spring concert is coming up on Tuesday the 19th, which is also bringing out the crazies in me. I have never had to be "in charge" of a concert and concert preparations before, and there are so many things that need to happen that I would be happy not to have to deal with. Arguments with students over what to wear for the concert, arranging to have risers set up in the cafeteria, hiring an accompanist, and fighting tooth and nail to get the kids to learn the darn songs are just a few of my woes lately. I will be so much happier once this concert is over! Not to mention how ecstatic I will be once the school year is over.
We have decided to have me stay home with our baby when she is born, which makes me very relieved (how could I leave my baby all day to go to work?). I also feel so blessed and lucky because we can actually afford for me to stay home with the baby. No, it won't be a glamorous life, but we have lived on much less in our student days. I'm sure we'll manage. So once the summer comes, we will be a little poorer in terms of worldly wealth, but we will be so happy with our new baby and our little family!


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