Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Small Victory

For some time now, we have been teaching Holly to throw things away. At first, the trash can was a plaything and she couldn't keep her hands off of it. She put everything in it. We actually lost quite a few things of value before I caught on. (You know--shirts, blankets, toys, etc.) A few losses I am still lamenting today. She was also a pretty big trash can diver. I would catch her with empty yogurt and applesauce containers, trying to lick out the last bits of goodness. Pretty nasty.

Lately, Holly has got the hang of the whole "trash" thing. She generally knows what is trash and what isn't, and the diving has gone down significantly. She likes to help me sort out the recycling as well, and is quick to volunteer to throw something away.

Yesterday, she was eating a lollipop and watching TV. (A year ago, I would have sworn that would never happen in my house. But that is another story for another time.) Andrew reported that she finished her lollipop, hopped down off the couch, threw away the stick, and went back to finish watching her show. Just like that. No reminder needed.

It seems as though the whole "throw that away!" agenda has paid off. It certainly took awhile, but it seems as though we are making progress. Hooray! It is so encouraging when things like this happen. A small reminder that our efforts do pay off and that our kids are pretty great.


Pianamama said...

Holly needs to come teach Aaron how to throw away his stick...it always ends up on the floor!! Way to go Holly!! Oh, and if I had a nickel for everytime I said my kid would never do such and such, I'd be ONE RICH WOMAN!!! :)

Nicole said...

Cute. Paxton loves to throw all my trash away for me. I feel like he's my little servant sometimes. But he enjoys doing it! : )

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