Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Baby Food

Our little Josie is six months old this week, and guess what that means? Rice cereal!

Truth be told, she was probably ready for cereal a few weeks ago. But it is so much easier to just nurse her and not worry about baby food that I procrastinated. She has decided recently that she wants everything we are eating, so I decided to indulge her and give her some cereal.

And she loves it! That, my friends, is what happens if you wait until your baby is ready for solids. If you start her too early (like I did with, ahem, Holly...oops) then it is a constant battle for, like, two months until she finally decides to start liking food. Jeez. The things you don't know the first time around.

A few bites in, Holly decided that I wasn't doing a good enough job and that she needed to take over. It was so sweet to see her feeding Josie and saying, "Here, Jojo. Here. Try it!" It was so cute! That is also why there's cereal all over the place. You didn't think I was that messy, did you?


Joshily said...

I love that Holly wanted to feed Josie! She is such a good big sister!

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