Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beach Bums

On Tuesday, Andrew was lucky enough to get out of work early enough for us to take a little trip to the beach. Our usual spot was inaccessible, so we settled in on another beach. Andrew was crushed that we couldn't drive our car right to our very spot, but I was okay with it.

This was Josie's first trip to the beach. She loved it! She was covered in sand from head to toe and ate fistfuls of it, played in the water, and had a blast.

Holly is still not a huge beach fan. She alternated between freaking out because sand was on her feet/hands/leg/face, and wanting to go in the water but being afraid of going in past her ankles. Silly girl!

Cute little girl bravely on her way to the water. I just love the pigtails and bathing suit combo!

And, because I rarely post pictures of myself, here is one of me at the beach. To tell the truth, I was not thrilled about my white, flabby, misshapen self at the beach either. So I had on knee-length shorts and a rash guard over my bathing suit. I worked up the courage to take the shorts off for about 30 seconds, then they went back on. What can I say? I did buy and use some self-tanner today. Hopefully it will work wonders and make me into a bathing beauty.


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