Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Days of Summer

We have really enjoyed summer around here. Until it never went away. Seriously, it's October now and last week we had temperatures in the triple digits. That is disturbing and disgusting. Especially when you are me and have to run errands with two sweaty kids hanging off of you. We'll be happy when fall finally arrives.

But we really did enjoy summer! In July.

One of our favorite activities is to go outside and play in the sprinkler...or just play with the hose. Josie drinks the water in massive quantities.

Holly is always very busy filling containers with water and emptying them all over the yard. She doesn't have time for pictures. (P.S. See her birthmark in this picture? Didn't think so. Cool, huh?)

And this is my ever-faithful basil plant. I had a container garden in the back yard which died a horrible death in the South Texas heat (or maybe I neglected it...the truth remains to be seen). This plant, the seeds of which I got inside a Triscuit box, is invincible. It has survived both the extreme heat and my neglect and refuses to give up. I love it! And I always forget that I have fresh basil at my disposal.


Christine said...

I thought of her birthmark right away when I saw that picture. She's such a cute/sweet/smart little girl (just like her mama!)!

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