Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Big Girl Bed

The day has come! Holly has been fixated on a "big girl bed" for about a week or so now, and yesterday afternoon she was insistent that she get one. So today after work, Andrew demolished her crib and put her mattress on the floor.

Okay, okay. So it's not exactly a bed. More like a mattress on the floor. But you know what? I'm alright with that. We'll get her a bed sometime in the future, when the price is right on Craigslist. Anyway, I had a whole lot of fun setting up her bed while Andrew was giving the girls their bath after dinner. The quilt is the one I (and my mom) made for her before she was born. It is the perfect size!

As you can see, Holly was thrilled with her new "big girl bed." Josie was thrilled with it too, but Holly is very possessive over it. And as I type this, she is sleeping soundly in her new bed. She did not get up once and fell asleep rather quickly, considering the excitement.

Which means that I am experiencing all of those complicated motherly emotions over this moment: excitement and pride, but lots of sadness too. Because my baby is one step closer to not being a baby, and it makes me sad. But happy. And so proud of her. And nervous, too. Because soon she's going to be a teenager and give me attitude and say I'm ruining her life. Ahh! I can't stand it.

And now I need to get off this darn computer, because there is a sour milk smell emanating from heaven knows where and I need to find it. And I cleaned my kitchen today, so surely I did not overlook some old sippy cup full of milk. That certainly never happens around here.


Christine said...

Her quilt! Her quilt! (and where did her neck go?!) ;o)

Joshily said...

Holly is growing up! I can't wait to see her and Josie!

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