Thursday, March 15, 2012


Our little Josie is still...well, little. She barely passed the 18 pound mark by her 15-month well baby check-up. However, she has a voracious appetite that is not to be messed with. She just has really good genes, I guess!

One of her problems is that at mealtime, she pokes at her food and fusses for most of the meal. Then when everyone else is finished, she finally starts eating. (Notice Holly's empty booster seat next to her.) She usually eats her meal while I'm doing the dishes or checking my e-mail.

This particular evening we had chicken drumsticks and I thoughtfully cut Josie's off the bone. She finished all of her own chicken, then grabbed Holly's drumstick off of her plate and started tearing into it. It was amazing.


Christine said...

Just like her Auntie Em!

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