Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The REAL Reason I Haven't Blogged in 6 Months...

Actually, make that the last 3 months. I really have no excuse from April through June. But from July to the present, I have been absent from blogging, Facebook, and all forms of socialization because of this.

A new baby bump! Hooray! This picture is seriously outdated because I'm about halfway through this beast of a pregnancy and much, much bigger. But I seriously spent all summer laying on my couch in various states of consciousness while the poor girls watched PBS Kids and did things like this.

That is Holly taking a bath in the bathroom sink. Which, actually, I would not have even known about had Josie not flushed the toilet approximately 35 times in a row and alerted me to the situation.

And this. Pushing each other around in the baby doll stroller, which is about to collapse after having been subjected to more than it can handle.

The good news is, I am not so horribly sick anymore. Just tired beyond belief and suffering from terrible migraines and other various ailments. Which leads me to my other piece of exciting (and related) news: this baby is a boy!

We are still in shock, I think. We are so heavily into girl mode (even my precious husband Andrew) that we are still adjusting to the idea of having a baby brother. I'm actually just relieved that we had two girls first and I know we will absolutely adore him when he arrives.

So, I will do my best to combat fatigue and everything else and catch up on my blog. Let's just all forgive me and move forward from here, okay?


J&S said...

You crack me up Katie! I love reading your blog. keep up the good work. Also you need to accept my friendship on FB. Thanks!

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