Saturday, August 1, 2009

Another Day Wasted Away...

Yesterday (okay, okay, AND Thursday) I wasted at least a few hours online looking at crafting and sewing blogs. My sewing machine is now fixed, so I have been looking for projects to do! And neglecting my poor daughter at the same time. :) Please tell me that I'm not the only one who does this! I now have a long list of projects for Holly and for myself. I can't wait!


J&S said...

I do it all the time Katie. You have to send time on you once in awhile or you go nuts! Just wait until you have 2. It's even harder but totally worth it! I love my boys!
I know this girl that used to be in my ward that sews and does crafties ALL the time. I kid you not. I wish I could use my time like she does hers. But she has a blog and it's awesome. Here it is
She is in the middle of moving right now so she doesn't post much. But if you go back to other posts there are tons of things to try. She has 2 little girls that she makes dresses for and toys and blankets you name it she has most likely have tried. She is an awesome seamstress. Check her blog out. She also has links to others sites that she uses and gets ideas.
Hope this helps!
Love you,
If you are ever in Utah(in the next year)we would love to see you guys!

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