Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Terrible...Zeros???

Last night, we were giving Holly a bath and had to take some pictures of her post-bath wrapped in her cozy towel. She saw the camera and started smiling! It was a cute, shy smile. She was totally ready to oblige and cooperate with the photo shoot. One of her happiest times is in the bathtub and when just getting out of the bath. Would you believe that a mere 10 minutes after this picture was taken, she had the biggest tantrum (crying spell, fit, whatever) of her life?

Yes, that's right. Someone kidnapped our sweet, mild-mannered baby and replaced her with a monster who cried, no SCREAMED, for 45 minutes straight. Why, you ask? No idea--from our perspective, it was completely unprovoked. We had no idea what to do. It was crazy. I have never had to deal with a baby who literally screamed herself hoarse before. It was a little frightening. Anyway, after Holly's fit was over, we were all exhausted (Andrew and I from passing her back and forth; Holly from crying). Luckily, Holly went pretty much right to sleep after that--who wouldn't?--and slept for five hours. Thank goodness! I am happy to report that our sweet baby was back again this morning. Hopefully we will not have a repeat visit from that demon baby ever again.

Other goings-on at the home front: I am really getting started on food storage! I'm really excited about it and Andrew is (reluctantly) indulging me and letting me jump headfirst into this and probably get very overwhelmed. My goal is to get a year's supply of GOOD food and actually live from it and, yes, rotate our food storage. This means cooking from scratch every day, baking bread, and eventually canning my own fruits, veggies, and meats. Am I crazy? Possibly. But if my plan works, I will be saving our family lots and lots of money, feeding everyone more nutritious foods, and obtaining a generous year's supply of food!

My first step this morning was to go up to the attic (yes, the attic) and get down our little food storage that we do own--a couple of cans of wheat, rice, oats, etc. Next I'm going to rearrange our pantry and purchase...a wheat grinder! So I can make lots of yummy things out of our wheat and other grains I've started stockpiling. I will make updates on my misadventures of breadmaking and other experiments.


SmithFamily06 said...

Good for you Katie!!!!! We are horrible about that! We usually have food that we could eat if we were in a pinch but nothing we would want to.... I need to get on the ball! misty smith

hoLLy said...

awww, look at that smile. she is beautiful! sorry to hear about the fit(sometimes those are just unexplainable!) glad to hear she was a happy baby again in the morning:)

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