Wednesday, September 29, 2010


Tonight after dinner, we had some down time so we three Kings decided to do what we do best: veg out and watch some TV! (We're really exciting people.) After Andrew and I watched the news, we turned on Sesame Street for Holly, or "Elmo," as she calls it. Pronounced elbow. Very cute. She's really into the "b" sound right now. Anyway, she and Andrew got very cozy on the couch and I couldn't resist taking a few pictures.

Holly smiles for the camera, but also squints in anticipation of the flash. So pictures of her are pretty funny right now. What makes this picture special is that she almost never gets this close to Andrew! When he comes in the door from work, she acts interested in him for about 30 seconds. Then she hides between my legs whenever he tries to interact with her. Crazy kid! To quote Andrew, "she acts as if he's a piece of furniture."

So it was nice to see my little munchkin daughter cuddled up with her daddy for a few minutes.


Nicole said...

The "B" sound is the easiest for new talkers to say. Paxton started off with a lot of b words too. It's common. It's so cute, huh?

Joshily said...

When Josh saw this picture he said "What is Andrew doing wearing my shirt?" Haha! Super cute picture!!

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