Thursday, September 9, 2010

What Is She Thinking?

The other day I walked into the living room to find this:

That is a shopping cart full of play food. I guess Holly thought she needed to have a bird's eye view of everything? No idea. But very funny.

Oh! Yesterday, my dear friend Kathryn and her little guy Aaron stopped by for a visit. Aaron is almost exactly a year older than Holly. The two squirts had a great time playing together. When it was time for them to get going, Kathryn told Aaron to say goodbye to Holly. So he walked over to her, puckered up, and leaned in for a smooch! Holly was quite a willing participant. So Holly had her first kiss at the age of 15 months. We're going to have to keep an eye on her from now on!


Nicole said...

Did you take a picture of her first kiss? I loved getting Paxton's first little girl kisses on camera. : )

Rob and Jennifer said...

haha she is so darling Katie. I can't wait for Ellie and her to play together! I also can't wait to meet your next one! Are you ready for this?

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