Friday, December 17, 2010


We've had both roseola and a stomach bug at our house this week. We have had at least one person in our family sick every day since Sunday, so I literally have lost an entire week of my life being sick and caring for my sick children.

Since we have stuck around the house this week, I have had lots of time to contemplate how much it sucks being a mom sometimes. Fevers, rashes, up to my elbows in puke and poop--you know. Waking up in the night with miserable little girls and dragging them into my bed to try and get a few hours of sleep. Mom is on call all the time, no break. (This includes my mom, who was the lucky one holding my hair back while I was throwing up. Thank you. You're the best! You will have a hard time getting me to move on with my life.)

At the same time, I have thought about how wonderful it is to be a mom. I can't even describe the kind of love I feel for my two girls. There is no one else who I would rather care for and hug and kiss and comfort. Holly is the only one who I want to cuddle up on the couch with and watch The Little Mermaid 100 times. In a row. And although Holly and Josie have been sick this week and that's the reason they have been so cuddly, I'm grateful for those moments I have had with them, just hanging out and hugging them and smelling their sweet baby smell. My kids are the greatest. I love being their mom. Even the worst moments we have together are worth it, because we're together.


Christine said...

I LOVE having you guys so close!!! I'll gladly hold back your hair any time if it means you'll be near us! xoxo

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