Monday, January 10, 2011


I just realized I didn't post about our Christmas this year. Oops. Here's the story.

We spent Christmas Eve with my family and Christmas Day with Andrew's family. We went out to his parents' house, but I forgot to pull out my camera the entire time we were there. We had a yummy roast beef dinner, and all the kids ran around like crazy while the adults played games and put together puzzles. We had a blast, and got home really late. We were all cranky and irritable the next few days, a sure sign of a good time.

Christmas Eve was spent at my parents' house. We invited some new friends from our ward to join us.

This is Monika. She's extremely photogenic and I hate her. Actually, I love her. But I hate that she's so photogenic.

Here's Monika's husband, John. He and Monika totally held Josie for most of the time they were there, which was awesome.

We ate and played games all afternoon. Then when evening came, we opened presents. Holly's big gift was a dollhouse, which she fell in love with immediately.

Holly's favorite component of the dollhouse is the potty. She made all the dolls sit on it and was making sound effects for them. She still does, actually. She also had to try out all the furniture by sitting on it herself, never mind that it is TINY.

I asked Holly to stand next to the dollhouse, so naturally she stood on it. Things got a little rough at this point in the day, so I took her pants off to make her happy. Don't judge me, okay?

Christmas morning took place at our house with just the four of us, which was lots of fun but a bit rushed as we were trying to get out the door after breakfast. It was a cozy beginning to a really fun day.

Here's our sad little tree with a few presents underneath it. I think we had already started opening presents when I remembered to take this picture.

Holly was pretty tired and had to be coaxed to open her presents. Why did we buy them again? I'm kidding--I think.

Josie hung out in her swing and sucked on her hands while the rest of us went crazy with presents. This kid loves to suck on her fingers! I don't know what we're going to do.

And now, here's a little something to leave you with:

I didn't say it was pretty, just that we had a good time. How was your Christmas?


Joshily said...

My favorite part is Holly standing on her dollhouse in a diaper! So funny!!

Spouse/FacultySenate said...

Is your dad giving himself a shot in the background?

Katie said...

Yes, he's a Type 1 diabetic. Great timing on the picture, huh?

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