Monday, January 10, 2011

The Stroller

A week or two ago, Andrew and I had an argument a discussion about double strollers. To get one, or not? Which kind? How much to spend? We both came away from that little session frustrated and no closer to solving this age-old dilemma.

Well, the next day I was taking a look on Craigslist when I found an ad for a double stroller for $30. Dost mine eyes deceive me? Was it too good to be true? I called the phone number and the stroller was still available. I enlisted my mother to come with me to check it out lest I get kidnapped.

On our drive over, we decided on a code to use while we were looking at the stroller so we needn't be rude if I wasn't going to take it. Unfortunately, we were not on the same page with the code; as I checked out the stroller I was trying to ask my mom what she thought. She was giving very vague signals so I was completely on my own, decision-wise. After much deliberation and freaking out, I finally decided to buy it. I mean, it was $30. How could I pass that up?

Here's Holly checking out her sweet new ride. She decided she approved and drank her morning cup of milk in it, alongside a little reading material. I am not suffering under the illusion that my new stroller is a thing of beauty; I realize that it was made circa 1992 and has some mileage on it. But I think it will meet our needs just fine.

But if I live to regret my purchase, I probably won't let you know. I have too much pride to do that.


Tiffany said...

Nice score!! You're totally right - who care if it is circa 1992, it meets your needs and that's all that matters :)

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