Sunday, March 6, 2011


Every day Holly asks to go outside and blow bubbles. She first discovered the wonders of bubble blowing in her Nursery class at church on Sundays, and now she asks for them every day. The weather has been beautiful lately, so we have made a little habit of going out in the backyard after her nap to play and to blow bubbles.

I kept trying to get Holly to look at the camera. "I'm busy, Mom. What is it?"

Then, when she discovered that I was trying to take her picture, she wanted to get closer and have a look at what I was doing. It's a challenge to get a decent picture of this girl.

Another order of business every day when we are outside is to water our plants: two flower-type ones that Andrew gave Holly and I for Valentine's Day; and the world's smallest garden: a handful of herbs and a "salad in a pot." Which, for those of you who don't know, is a fancy term for growing lettuce, carrots, and radishes in a 5 gallon bucket. Because I'm that kind of classy. And because, last time I tried to grow a garden, we dug up half the backyard and got all of two tomatoes for our labors. (Mostly Andrew's--I conveniently had to go on bed rest at the end of my pregnancy with Holly which freed me from all gardening duties.) Needless to say, gardening has become a taboo issue in our house.

Anyway, Josie just hangs out on the nice quilt her Aunt Julie made for her while Holly and I go about all these important things.

This girl loves to munch on her fingers. Like, totally. It keeps her preoccupied for a long, long time.

And this is just the cutest face I have ever seen. What a sweet baby she is!


Nicole said...

They look like siblings! : ) And that's hilarious that she said that. ("What is it, mom? I'm busy.") Kids say the funniest things. Also, we have our flights now to go down there in April. So...hopefully you'll be around and we can see you and your fam!

Pianamama said...

Isn't it nice to get some time outdoors before the heat hits?! You do have some pretty darn cute kids... :)

Christine said...

such beautiful little girls!!!

Joshily said...

I love these pictures!! They're so cute!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are so cute! Love those blue eyes!

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