Thursday, April 28, 2011

Round Two

WARNING: Terrible iPhone pictures ahead!

Today was Holly's second laser treatment. Unfortunately, Andrew wasn't able to come with us; however, my mom agreed to come with, so I had another grown-up and someone to take Josie for me. I am very glad that she was able to come and for all the help she gave me.

Let me say this: everyone remembered Holly from last time. One thing this girl will never be accused of is not having personality! She is definitely charming and everyone loves her. (Sorry...but they did!) She was quite happy to be back, and as one nurse put it, "She walks around like she owns the place!" We had to wait a long time in the pre-op holding area, so I got well acquainted with the playroom they have set up. Holly had a blast, and I was grateful that she was occupied while we waited.

The procedure itself went much the same as last time, so she did really great. They let me come along as the nurse wheeled the bed into the OR, and I got pretty choked up seeing my tiny girl on that big bed, holding her blankie. That was hard for me to watch, somehow. Holly had a hard time when she came out of the anesthesia; she was pretty cranky this time. But can you blame her? I'm sure she felt really yucky, and she was certainly entitled to fuss as much as she wanted.

I had a really hard time today. I was expecting to feel a huge sense of relief after Holly's first procedure, but it was probably harder for me today. I think part of that was because Andrew wasn't with me. I love my mom and she will always be my mom and I'm glad she came, but I didn't realize how much I really count on Andrew for support in things like this, and how much he really helps me to calm down. (Don't tell him I said that, ok?) I am naturally a freak and I get worried and anxious about everything. To make a long story short, I was a total mess and freaking out on the drive up to San Antonio. Not pretty.

But everything turned out just fine. I'm pretty sure Holly doesn't hate me and won't resent me for doing this to her. She even cracked a little smile after I got her dressed and wrapped her blankie around her! Too bad I couldn't catch it on camera.


Pianamama said...

Awwww, Katie, that's such a sweet post. Especially after talking with you this week. Don't ever apologize for saying your daughter is charming and every one loves her. It's the truth, after all. :) And I'm naturally a freak too...I guess that's why we get along so well. :) Love ya!

Nicole said...

Holly is a sweetheart. And I'm sure it was difficult watching her go through that. It's so hard to watch our little ones whom we love SO much go through anything hard like that. Glad she handled it like a champ. Poor thing. And she most likely won't remember any of it.

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