Thursday, June 2, 2011


This past weekend, for Memorial Day, we had some little visitors in our house. Namely, Andrew's sister Julie and her family. We had so much fun! We had lots of family get-togethers scheduled. We went to the Lexington and, guess what? The power went out when we were there! Pretty exciting. It was quite the adventure, being in the bowels of that huge ship in the dark.

One of our nephews is almost exactly the same age as Holly--they were born about 2 weeks apart. One afternoon, little Josie was playing on the floor and the two toddlers decided to show Josie how it's done.

How cute is that? I'm so glad that the little kids are finally old enough to play well together. This little moment on the floor was definitely a highlight of the weekend in my book.


Juliekins said...

...or was it the only picture taken? I know I didn't get my camera out!! Thanks so much Kate and Andrew!! We had so much fun. And I learned alot from you about being a good homemaker!

Joshily said...

SO cute! I almost didn't recognize Josie in this picture! She looks so different from when we saw her.

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