Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Bits of Summer

In spite of being sick most of the summer, we actually had a wonderful summer. This is the first year that both girls have enjoyed the beach, so we took full advantage and went to the beach a lot. Our favorite time of day to go is late afternoon, after nap time is over. We would pack a picnic dinner, some beach chairs, and head out to the beach.

Holly and Josie enjoying their sandwiches.

We went to the beach with cousins several times, and Andrew decided to give Holly a (rather tame) ride in a kayak. She was in love with the idea until she actually got in it.

When they made it back to shore, Andrew told me that Holly kept desperately trying to jump out of the kayak. What's not to love about a kayak ride where all you're required to do is sit and enjoy it?

We also made, and enjoyed, our fair share of treats. Josie is a junk food monster and will gladly sacrifice eating her dinner in hopes of dessert.

Lowe's continues to be our home-away-from-home and the girls accompany us often. They like going lots more if a fun car shopping cart is involved. It seems like the list of projects to be done on our house will never end!


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I am loving these pictures!!

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