Friday, February 4, 2011

Cold Front

The past few days have been the coldest we've had in recent memory! We've had some pretty dramatic cold weather down here. For those of you who live up north, DON'T LAUGH.

Last night it got down to a frigid 25 (or so) degrees. The temperature alone has been enough to freeze my thin blood. That, combined with freezing rain and a little snow, has left we South Texans at a loss. Our city has just about shut down--schools are closed, only "essential personnel" have been called into work, and we have been urged by city officials to stay inside our homes where it is safe and warm.

There is a thin sheet of ice over everything. Andrew hooked up the hose to the tree in the front yard hoping to make an ice sculpture, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. However, I was able to catch a few pictures inn our backyard to give you an idea of what a South Texas winter wonderland looks like.

Here is our firewood in the fire pit we built in the backyard. Not a great day for a bonfire and roasting marshmallows.

Frozen blades of grass. It looks so cool and I can hardly keep my hands off the grass! I had to restrain myself to get a decent picture.

I can hardly bear the thought of bundling up myself and both my kids to go outside, so it looks like we're staying inside for awhile. If it weren't for the fact that I have a cold/a sinus infection/the plague, I would be going stir crazy. As it is, I am perfectly content watching TV, reading books on my Kindle, and making hot chocolate for Holly and I. And letting her spill it all over the place.

Happy winter!


Christine said...

your pictures are so pretty!!

Nicole said...

Okay, I HAD to laugh out loud because that is HILARIOUS that the city's practically shut down! : D But it is cold. And I don't like the cold either. At least not THIS cold.

Brittny Kimball said...

Katie, I love your writing. I smile or laugh every time I read one of your post. And those pictures were awesome. I'm only sorry I didn't get outside to touch the grass in my own backyard now. Maybe if it freezes like that again tonight I'll brave the cold, but just for a minute.

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