Friday, February 11, 2011


Lately I have been trying to teach Holly things to make sure she will be smart. You know...body parts, counting, colors, letters. That sort of thing. It's never too early to start! She has been quicker to catch on with some things than with others.

She loves to count. I use this term loosely. She knows only a couple of numbers well enough to feel comfortable using all the time: two and nine. Almost everything is two. If you ask her how many crackers or whatever she has, the answer is always two. We were watching Sesame Street today and they were counting feet marching by. She counted right along: "Two, two, two, two, two, two, two, two, nine, two..."

You get the picture.


Christine said...

I love that you say you are teaching her things "to make sure she will be smart". Hilarious!!

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