Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So, if you haven't noticed my blog has a new look! I'm pretty excited about it. My fabulous sister Emily designed the header for me and picked out the coordinating background. In a few more days, she'll have some custom side tabs for me to use as well. Let's take a moment to discuss how awesome Emily is.

First, she custom-designed this blog header for me. For which I'll be eternally grateful since I have no clue where to even start with something like this. But I knew I wanted a cleaner, more professional look (because I'm so...professional. Yeah, that's it). She also made these birth announcements for our little Josie. Thank goodness, because I certainly did not have it together to make birth announcements. Anyone remember receiving one when Holly was born? Yeah, that's what I thought. She is also my wardrobe consultant and my best friend. Oh, also my favorite sister. (Or my only sister...whatever.)

The only thing I hate about her is that she lives so darn far away! Fargo is too far, Emily. You must come and live by me so we can go shopping and hang out in our PJs watching The Bachelor like the good ol' days. They were pretty great. Now we have to make do with talking on the phone 3 times a week and discussing play-by-plays of our favorite shows.

Anyway, she's super cute and awesome. So thank you Emily for the blog header and all the cute things you do for me! Oh, and you can find her blog here. It's pretty fun to read too.

Disclaimer: That picture is 3 or 4 years old. Em looks a lot different now. I, however, do not. What does that say about me?


Christine said...

I am LOVING your new blog look!!! Emily did a great job. I also love the entry about her. She will be so happy to see how you feel about her! xoxo

Joshily said...

I miss the good ol' days too! And I hate living so far away. We need to move back down there as soon as possible. I'm glad you like your new blog design! I love you!

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