Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Mall

This afternoon after Andrew got home from work, we decided to make a run to the bank to take care of some business. After we were done at the bank, Andrew suggested that we go to the mall for something to do together. The mall? I thought. Of course!

We did a bit of window shopping and took Holly to run around at the kid's play place. By then it was well past our dinnertime, so we decided to go down to the food court and grab a bite to eat before going home. We ordered our food, and then Andrew took Holly to go find a seat while I paid and waited for our food. When the time came to pay, I realized my wallet was with Andrew--oh, no! So I ran to grab my wallet and when I turned around, I came face to face with...my past.

Well, not really. Just a guy I went to high school with and we were in choir together. Choir was a big deal to me in high school, and those of us who were in choir hung out a lot. And I didn't really come face to face with him, either. He was passing by, oblivious to me, when I decided to screech, "Jared!" to get his attention. He was, er, a little surprised to see me. Let me explain myself. My hair was in a ratty ponytail, I had no make-up on, I was sporting my glasses, and my outfit of choice made me look like I was still pregnant. And not cute pregnant--just thick around the middle and yucky. (We were not planning on going anywhere where I would be seen in public. My mistake.) To top it all off, little Josie was perched in my Baby Bjorn strapped to my chest. To say that I looked a little rough is an understatement. Yikes.

By contrast, Jared has always been someone who takes great care in his personal appearance. He always wears very fashionable clothes and looks put together. Anyone passing by would scarcely have believed that we even knew each other.

As soon as I called his name and he stopped to talk, I was embarrassed by myself. What followed was an extremely awkward conversation as I tried to catch up with him and managed to be in the way of no less than 25 people waiting to order their food. Needless to say, I came away from the exchange feeling like I had done a disservice to myself and stay-at-home moms everywhere!

We don't wear ill-fitting clothes, wandering around the mall aimlessly, with our raggedy-looking children in tow. We are cute, hard-working women who love our children and husbands and who (should) take pride in our appearances!

So...here's to taking pride in my appearance and getting dressed every day.


Rob and Jennifer said...

LOL! oh Kaite, you crack me up!

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