Monday, February 28, 2011

A Review: CuteyBaby "That's a Wrap!"

Awhile back I got the opportunity to try out and review the new "That's a Wrap!" diapering system from CuteyBaby. The company was started by Ada Vaughan, who knew that there could be an easy, affordable, modern way to cloth diaper our babies. CuteyBaby's promise is pretty cool: No soaking. No sorting. No stuffing. No kidding. For a lukewarm cloth diaper-er like myself, that sounds um, awesome.

The CuteyBaby diaper has a waterproof outer layer that feels more like cotton than plasticy PUL. There is a pocket opening of sorts right in the middle of the diaper, which makes it super easy to stuff the soaker in. Then it comes out by itself in the wash so you don't have to--ew--dig it out yourself. The best part for me is that they also sell these little numbers:

Biodegradeable, flushable diaper liners! For those of us who have toddlers with solid poops. You just slap one of these babies on top of the soaker pad, and it will catch the solids. Then all you have to do is put it in the toilet where it belongs and the poop issue is solved!

My first impression of this diaper was great. The print is so cute, and the soaker is very absorbant. I got a size medium which fits from 12-30 pounds so I can use it on both girls. I quickly washed the diaper and inserts and slapped them on Holly, my 20-month-old 25 pounder.

I could not get her to hold still for a few pictures! The fit was alright at first. While the diaper has a fairly low rise, I felt it was too low for my personal preference. Holly wore her new diaper happily for about an hour and then took it off and ran around with a bare butt until I noticed that something was amiss. Every time she wore this diaper, she took it off. Not cool, Holly. It seems like the velcro isn't very strong because she was able to pull it off so easily. But the velcro is very soft, so that's a plus. Also, the insert had a habit of getting twisted around inside the diaper while she ran around wearing it so it became less effective at soaking up the pee.

Next I tried it on Josie, who is 4 months old and 12 1/2 pounds. I got much better pictures of the diaper on her, but it did not even come close to fitting her in the waist. Really disappointing. She is skinny and long, so it would probably fit on rounder babies. But not on her.

So, let's sum it up.

Soaker is very soft and absorbant
Central pocket opening makes for very easy stuffing and NO unstuffing
Biodegradable liners for solid poops
Waterproof material and velcro are very soft
CUTE prints and colors!

Velcro isn't very strong--can be taken off easily by older baby or toddler
Soaker twisted with active toddler
Didn't seem to fit either of my kids quite right

Want to know more about CuteyBaby? Click here to go to their website. Want to buy a CuteyBaby diaper? Click here--they're sold on Amazon.

I received a diaper in exchange for this review. All opinions are mine and are based on my experiences with this diaper system, which might not be the same as yours. Obviously.


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